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Pokemon Permanent Sales Post

Pokemon Collectors Sales Permission granted by lineaalbaon August 2, 2010.

1. Shipping is not included in prices
2. I will ship internationally, just remember that the shipping will be higher.
3. You can see my feedback here
2nd Feedback Post here
3rd here

Selling a lot from my Eevee and Charmander collections. A few things are my sisters that she left with me to sell on her behalfvas she lives abroad now.

Bean eevee $40
Mega Tokyo Charizard pika $60
Charmander $10
light up chimchar $12

Halloween circus Eevee -SOLD
Canvas Torchic-$18
Kawaii Eevee -$20
Charmander SOLD
Small torchic -$5
XY Tomy Eevee -$15
Espeon felt -$1

Walking Along bag : $28
Walking along coin purse: sold
Pokemon Time Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirrel Tote Bag $28

Eeveelution Lunchbox $30

It's Demo Stickey Note set-$10
Kyoto Ho-oh and Pikachu Pin-$8
Doduo 151 pin -$8
Dodrio 151 pin -$8
Squirtle, Psyduck etc charm- $8 X3
Pikachu, Bulbasaur etc charm -$8
Lucre charm strap -$4
Skarmory charm-$10
Blue girl charm $4
Serena charm- $4
Flareon, Jolteon, Bewear clear cards- $1 each

tepig tomy- $4
oshawott tomy- $4
Misty, Ash capsule figure -$5 each
zapdos tomy -z$5
Jolteon and persian pink figures -$2 each
charmander ornament-$3
all others $1 each

Photo albums- $3 each
stickers, cards - most are $0.25. a few are 0.50-$1. Willing to make deals to get rid of these

Postcard and Envelope Set -$6

Body Mist- $4 each

torchic clearfile $5
Green pokemon cleafile $1
Strawberry clearfile $1
girls clear file $3

$5 bag


Meicoomon SOLD
hello kitty $6
pony $8
yoshi $6
Hello kitty ugly doll $8
suppi felt face $2
black cat from Tweety $2
White Totoro $9

Sailor moon notebook SOLD
Its demo sticky notes $6
Stella color figure $18
Venus $26
chibi Usa $8
Venus in uniform $6
Sailor moon in Uniform $6
buttons $0.50 each

Kyo Kara Maoh letter set- $5
Rillakuma stickey notes- $1
Rilakkuma note pad- $2
Nastume Yujincho note pad- $4
How to Train your dragon sketch pad- $1
Bob's Burgers note pad- $1
Sakura stickers (rest of the page) $3
Sakura mini mini notepad $3
Mokona wallet- $1
paris coin purse-$1

CCS paper coaster- $3 each
My hero academia coaster- SOLD
Yomi mini shikishi- $8
nausicaa postcard -$2
Fire emblem post card -$2
Boruto, Kingdom hearts, and ken shin postcard -$1 each
naruto art prints $0.50 each
inuyasha calendar -$1
my hero bookmark -$0.25

FMA big cards- $0.75
FMA small cards -$0.50
Yugioh lanyard- $2
Rave master, princess ai bookmarks -$1 each
Chrobits cards -$1
Shaman King card-$2
Daiso Rapunzel glasses case -$3
others -$1
Fairy Tail Natsu keychain -$6

Robin charm- $3
Chopper sky tree charm -$4
chopper pin -$2
Kaito Kid charm- $4
Deku pin- $5
Yuri acrylic stand- $6
My hero deku glove pin -$5
Attack on titan lanyard -$6
snoopy tennis GBA-$5
Rarity figure -$8
Overwatch figure ball- $3
Power Ranger slap bracelet -$4
Lady Rainicorn necklace- $8
Epic Mickey wii skin- $4
Basketball boy charm- $3
others -$0.25-$1

Digimon tattoos- $3 each
Taomon - $4
Digimon pencil- $1
Slider block -$2
Small digimon:
Growlmon -$5
Wargrowlmon -$7
MetalKoromon -$12

One piece cloth- SOLD
AX one piece fan -$10
Sao clearfile-sold
Christmas one piece pencil board -$3
Princess moonlike movie theater book -$15
Art of Ranma 1/2 -$30
Bleach hardcover- $8
Witch v 1 -$4

pins all $1 each

Food wars- $8
Shojo manga $3 each
sailor moon japanese edition $4 each

Poster with new dub voice actresses autograph -$20
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